Our fundamental purpose is to help potential patients to be able to choose the best reasonable price healthcare that they can seek nationwide.




Market Access and Special Project Management

For bio pharmaceutical or medical device companies, enabling faster patient access is always a challenge. Therefore, having an effective market access strategy to enable eligible patients to have rapid and sustainable access to medicines or medical devices is key. We assist you to generate and prepare communication messages to relevant key stakeholders involved in the adoption and funding processes, making sure the products and services are reimbursed.

Project Management is a vital process used in business management. It’s the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet specific goals and objectives through the use of established standards, practices, policies, procedures, and processes within an organizational context. Our service offers leading-edge solutions that are designed to create value for all stakeholders involved in each project.


We combine industry expertise, commercial and operational know-how to help you create a seamless and uniquely tailored experience for your customers across all channels. At M&B Healthcare, our highly skilled professionals are on hand to make sure your business objectives are achieved. Some of the core services we offer include the following:


  • Market potential evaluation and assessment
  • Market access and patient access program
  • Market expansion initiative
  • National Medicine Formulary Product Enlistment
  • Product tender management
  • Key account management